On Dating:

"If you go home with someone and they don't have books, don't fuck them."

- John Waters

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I am a 58 year old single gay dad who had full time custody of my two boys for 11 years. They are now ages 28 & 29. I also have a daughter age 31 who lives near Philly. I've been out to my kids since they were very young and they are cool with it.

Both of my sons have flown the coop for some time now. One is a project engineer for a global logicistics and IT company. He travels the World installing networks in retail stores, mostly for Apple. He's been to China, Japan, the UK, Australia and other parts of Europe.

My youngest is an EMT and an accomplished photographer who lives close to me. Well, actually, in the apartment above me. I still can't get him to empty my garbage quickly (sigh). He has saved countless lives. He is a very good dad to a very sweet 4 year old girl named Teagan who I love immensely.

My daughter has two girls, soon to be ages 5 and 7. They come to stay now and then and they take over the place. They love being chef and assistant chef. When they're here, my apartment is a wreck and I have to be a drill sergeant but I don't mind one damned bit! But I swear to god, if I hear Frozen sung one more time, I am going to the knife drawer and cut my throat!

Nearly six years ago, I moved from a huge three bedroom duplex to a one bedroom apartment which is part of a ten unit apartment building. It was a converted old farm house built in 1866. It's an awesome place with a beautiful porch. Recently, I've encountered a ghost. He was standing near my kitchen just staring at me. I need ghostbusters to make a visit. Oh, and it was his second visit!


My Health

About 9 years ago, I took a really bad fall at home. At first, I was fine. A day later, I could barely walk. To make a really long story short, I severely injured my spine. The pain went on for months and they had difficulty diagnosing what was wrong. They finally ran a bone scan which found hot spots on my spine. "Hot spots" typically means cancer and that was the initial diagnosis--metastatic cancer. When your doc toys with the idea of your having less than a year to live is, well, kinda scary.

Turns out, I had osteomyelytis, a bone infection. Got that cleared up and I am good as new. Kinda. I did develop severe osteoarthritis and I have good days and bad. This has put a bit of a damper on life in general, but I am slogging through it. Regardless, you'll find that I am a happy guy.

My Sign

I'm an Aries. Yea, I'm nuts.

My Passion in Life

For all my adult life, I've been an advocate for social justice. As I got older, I became more vocal in advocating for the homeless and poor. The War on Drugs has been a complete failure. The U.S. has the most number of incarcerated citizens yet we are not the most populous nation on earth by a long shot. In 2007, and as an outgrowth of my work, I founded an organization to help the homeless called Gemma's Angels in honor of my mother, who died in the same year. Check us out at www.gemmasangels.org

I am on the board of directors of the South Central PA Chapter of the ACLU. I am incredibly honored and proud to have been asked.

My Work

I am basically disabled and retired, but still must work to pay the bills. I own a small web design agency. I was a corporate trainer for many years, specializing in human resource training. I also conducted technology training and did training in Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver and similar applications.

I developed a number of training workshops in the areas of customer service, management, leadership skills and other related topics. I've conducted training throughout the U.S. and Canada, and have frequently traveled to New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Because I can't get around as well as I once did, I can no longer travel and this has put a damper on my ability to travel for business.

Although self-employment can sometimes be a challenge from a revenue standpoint, I don't miss the despicable rotten pricks I used to work for (you know who you are). I thank them for giving me the motivation to keep trying. I love making my own schedule!

My Friends

I learned a long time ago that I have many acquaintances, but very few friends. A true friend is what I call a WalMart friend. The kind of friend you can call in the middle of the night to go to Walmart; help you when you're stranded in your car somewhere or just need someone to
talk to at 1:00 a.m. I don't have very many of those friends.

My Music

My taste in music can be best described as eclectic... i've listened to opera, r&b, folk and the obligatory gay show tunes... hell, I even enjoy some of my son's rap tunes (typically only those cool song remakes, which freaks him out when I know the lyrics)

Favorites: Tom Goss, Matt Alber, Vin Fischer, Justin Hines, MadCon

My Cooking

Being Italian-American, cooking (and eating) comes naturally... I'm one helluva cook, having learned quite a lot from my mother and grandmother... obviously, I do a lot of my own tasting <smirk>... my
favorite dishes include pasta, soups, chicken and stews... some years ago, I was a guest chef on a local PBS Public Television live cooking marathon and made Italian War Soup... ask me for the recipe, anyone can make it!

In February, 2007, my mother died rather unexpectedly She was a great cook and I miss her cooking! It's amazing how much you miss your Mum, no matter how old you are!

My Statistics

Age 58, brown hair, brown eyes, 5-9, about 365, down about 80 lbs in the last year or so, goatee, great smile, muscular legs, great disposition, loving, romantic, all-around nice guy, big time smart ass, dark sense of humor, kind, generous to a fault, wear my heart on my sleeve.

My Ideal Guy

The proverbial younger man with an older soul... I prefer dating men in their 20's to 30's, thin-to-medium to average in build, masculine, romantic, articulate, self confident, intelligent, loving, kind, fun, spontaneous, horny, honest with me, smart-ass attitude, only enough baggage to fit in the overhead compartment, and relatively close to me in Central Pennsylvania, but I am open to the possibilities. I am relationship-oriented, although significant overnight relationships can be arranged <grin>. With that said, I am not looking for a relationship. I have a busy life with my work, friends, children and grandchildren and my charity work. If someone really special comes along, then so be it.

By the way, If you say you love me and then decide you don't, just tell me for godsakes. Ending a relationship with someone without a thoughtful, live conversation shows a lack of respect and dignity. Even with good reasons, making a quick exit without a reasonable explanation is not an act of kindness, it's being an asshole. Try not to be an asshole.

My Travels

As a child and young adult, I rarely traveled... prior to leaving my previous job, a man who read palms said he saw me traveling extensively... I laughed... I'm no longer laughing, as his prediction came true... I've done so extensively throughout the United States and Canada... my favorite cities include New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, Vancouver, Canada and San Diego... it is my desire to someday travel overseas, especially to Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England and France...

My Interests (nerd alert)

Reading provides me with such great pleasure... my interests are mostly current events, politics, foreign policy and biographies... I treasure my growing collection of books on U.S. Presidents and White House history... interestingly, my children, through their mother, are direct descendents of Dolly Madison, wife of President James Madison... I'm certain "my" heritage can be traced back to some hairy-chested guys, gold chains around their necks and flipping pizzas outside of Rome somewhere... <and yelling and swearing at each other, of course>

"Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of
society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't
test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance,
greed and love of power." - P.J. O'rourke

Great Weight Loss Advice! The Masturbation Diet

According to the Mainichi Daily News, a Japanese scientist has developed what he calls "The Masturbation Diet"—a diet that is exactly what it sounds like. "Five minutes of vigorous masturbation can consume 300 calories, which is the equivalent of sprinting 300 meters," says Dr.
Shukan Tokuho, adding that the experience can be so refreshing that it can replace a light meal, thereby saving even more calories. For even more benefit, Dr. Tokuho recommends sitting in a chair with your heels raised about 10 centimeters off the floor in order to put tension on the
stomach muscles.

He claims that this style of masturbation done twice a day for a month can trim about eight centimeters off a man's waist. The good doctor summed up his revolutionary diet with the phrase "shake” or breakfast, shake for lunch and a sensible dinner.

Makes sense to me! :)


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